sunday school classes


Children's Sunday School will meet in the Youth rooms on Sunday mornings at 10am with precautions in place.

Under normal circumstances, we offer Sunday School Classes for all ages.  Classes begin at 9:45am.

Infants & Toddlers: Children will be cared for and taught Bible verses and songs by our Fairfield members. We follow the Safe Sanctuary guidelines implemented by The United Methodist Church.

Elementary I (5-6 yrs), & Elementary II (7-10 yrs): The United Methodist literature, “Deep Blue” - weekly Bible Stories, memory verses, Bible Trivia & family Daily Devotionals - is used in these classes and is led by members of Fairfield. We follow the Safe Sanctuary guidelines implemented by The United Methodist Church 

Middle School (11-13 yrs) & High School (14-18 yrs):

This time together during Sunday School offers teens an opportunity to apply Christ's teachings to their daily lives. They have fun, fellowship, and study led by FUMC members who have a passion for youth. We use curriculum focused on scripture, biblical principles, and application for day-to-day reality.

Mustard Seed Group (18-24 yrs):

This is a time for college students and young working individuals to fellowship and dive into discussion and devotion. This time together is led by Amber Harris, Fairfield's Youth & Young Adult Minister, along with Sue Brown and Coach Tim Kelly.

Connections (25-40 yrs):

The Sunday School hour begins with laughter, story-sharing, and coffee sipping. Amber Harris and other Connections young adults then lead a spiritually focused study to help our diverse group of married, single, parents, and non-parents, step into the coming week with deeper reflection and understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower.   

Adult Classes:

Our adult classes offer a variety of study formats and guides. Visit any small group to discover which best meets your needs on your Christian journey.

 - New Disciples: topical studies

 - The Aspirations Class: current events

 - Barbara Bobo Class: Adult Studies Quarterly

 - Adult II: Adult Studies Quarterly

 - Wesleyan Class: Adult Studies Quarterly